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    Infinite Aion El mejor servidor privado de aion

    [Hola Invitado, necesitas registrarte para ver los links , Has click aquí para registrarte !!]

    Infinite Aion esta ya en su vercion 2.5 a la par con el servidor oficial de aion esto es gracias a la dedicacion que se emplea en el servidor para poderlo hacer el mejor.
    Cualquier server puede decir que es el mejor pero el 99% de ellos estan basados en lento desarrollo de proyectos de codigo abierto, Infinite Aion no esta basado en un proyecto de codigo abierto, Ha sido un servidor de codigo cerrado desde que fue fundado en 2009, es el servidor mas estable desde el 2009 y nada mas ni nada menos que con mas de 20.000 jugadores unicos al dia.(Ustedes pueden comprobarlo) eso es lo que lo hace el mejor servidor de aion privado.
    El servidor al ser abierto a todo el mundo recibe usuarios de todas partes, lo cual ha llegado a crear legiones de idiomas tales como: Español, Ruso, Italiano, hasta japones, por lo cual nunca te sentiras solo por no saber el idioma oficial del servidor (Ingles).

    Informacion de los servidores:

    Low rate. *2x xp, 1x drops, No Aprendizaje automatico.

    Mid/High rate. *Variable xp dependiendo del nivel, desde 40+ recives 20x xp; 2.5x drops, Aprendizaje de skills automatico. Crafting xp es 2x o normal.

    Wrath (Proximamente)
    PvP servidor. Empiezas al nivel 50, especial xp para 55. Aprendizaje de skills automatico..

    Non-retail-like cambios en Pride y Greed:

    • Silentera is open to both factions without requiring fort control. You MUST own your faction's 2.0 forts to teleport into enemy territory though. This is to encourage pvp inside of Silentera for level 50+ players.
    • Flight time regens faster while resting.
    • Fort vulnerability times are random.
    • Rifts do not spawn an exit portal. This is to reduce camping.
    • Temporary: Beshmundir Temple currently does not allow you to select which mode you go in. Bosses will spawn randomly as either hard or easy mode (this is determined individually for each boss, so there is a chance of having some hard and some easy in one run).
    • Homeland Defense Bonus. Retail attempted to implement this and failed horribly. Mostly because they're idiots. If you are rifting in enemy territory (this does not include Inggison or Gelkmaros), players who are MORE THAN 3 levels below you will get a scaling bonus. So a 45 killing a 41 in Eltnen/Morheim will get -10.7% damage per level difference above 3 (max of -75% for a 45 killing a 35). A 45 killing a 41 in Heiron/Beluslan will get -5% damage per level difference above 3 (max of -50% for a 45 killing a 35).

      Remember, there is no defensive bonus if the player is only 3 levels below you (ie. 45 killing 42). If you are confused about this at all, do not post about it on the forums. Go ask someone in game who is smarter than you (should be easy to find).
    • Lower fort instances are restricted to level 44 and below. Players higher than that wouldn't get drops anyway.
    • Upper OUTER fort instances are restricted to level 54 and below. Players higher than that wouldn't get drops anyway.
    • DP loss on death is disabled.

    Otras caracteristicas:

    • Queue bypass. If you are disconnected or crash while in game and there is a queue, you will be able to bypass it and resume what you were doing without waiting in line.
    • /unstuck command. Use this if you are stuck... duh.
    • /resetbind command. Use this to reset your bind point back to the starter area (Poeta/Ishalgen). This was put in back when we had older players who needed to complete certain campaigns but couldn't due to not being able to teleport via the npcs (because they hadn't yet completed the campaigns).
    • Anti-dualboxing protection. We have implemented basic checks server-side to prevent dualboxing.

    Caracteristicas basicas del servidor

    • Proper character stats for all classes.
    • Proper Hp/Mp Regeneration.
    • Complete and proper Xp requirements for each level.
    • Retail-like Xp bonuses for level differences between players and mobs in PvE.
    • DP skill system.
    • DP bonuses for level, rank, and rating differences between players and mobs in PvE.
    • Proper DP gain in pvp.
    • Npc death and respawn system.
    • Item crafting system.
    • Proper abyss point ranks and point-earning system.
    • Advanced skill engine supporting hundreds of working skills with retail values. Including skills leveling up and giving proper increases to power and mp consumption.
    • Stigmas and advanced stigmas are working.
    • Abyss is accessible by level 25 characters after prerequisite quests are completed.
    • Basic NPC interaction with nearly complete retail-like faction system.
    • Inventories. With full support for expansions.
    • Loot system with loot priority.
    • Hot-bar/options/macro saving.
    • Basic NPC Shops.
    • Full teleport system and flight paths.
    • Dual Wielding.
    • Consumables.
    • Proper equipment restrictions based on level, race, and class.
    • Hundreds of quests. With thousands already done, we continuously add more with each update.
    • Transformations with full faction support.
    • Party system with basic loot right and xp share implemented. Still working to add full support to include all party capabilities.
    • NPC titles and levels for most NPCs.
    • Proper damage formulas.
    • Complete trade system.
    • Weather system.
    • Gathering. Still in development to get it 100% retail-like, but for now we have a basic implementation.
    • Duel system.
    • Retail-like channel system to allow thousands of players to occupy one zone without causing issues.
    • Full mail system with both regular and express mail available.
    • Personal warehouses.
    • Account warehouses.
    • Manastones.
    • Godstones.
    • Item dyes.
    • Enchant system.
    • Armor and weapon combined set bonuses.
    • Item pvp bonuses.
    • Kisks.
    • Shields implemented for the forts in the abyss.
    • Legions. Still in development, but basic legion support is implemented.
    • Private stores.
    • Legion warehouse.
    • Forts and artifacts. This includes the 2.0 forts and artifacts as well.
    • Fully implemented and functional trade broker.
    • Some 2.0 instances have already been implemented. These include: Beshmundir (almost fully scripted), Lower and Upper Udas (fully scripted), Dark Poeta (fully scripted), Abyssal Splinter (almost fully scripted), etc.

    Web del servidor: [Hola Invitado, necesitas registrarte para ver los links , Has click aquí para registrarte !!]
    Web del foro: [Hola Invitado, necesitas registrarte para ver los links , Has click aquí para registrarte !!]
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