Aqui teneis los comandos de Antrix y varios para Ascent , algunos seguramente, no son funcionables.

Banstick Commands

banchar: Bans character x with or without reason
unbanchar: Unbans character x
kick: Kicks player from server
paralyze: Roots/Paralyzes the target.
unparalyze: Unroots/Unparalyzes the target.

Chat Control

allowwhispers: Allows whispers from player while in gmon mode.
blockwhispers: Blocks whispers from player while in gmon mode.

Debug Commands

debug: Main ‘debug’ command table. Usage: .debug infront: No description entered.
showreact: No description entered.
aimove: No description entered.
dist: No description entered.
face: No description entered.
moveinfo: No description entered.
setbytes: No description entered.
getbytes: No description entered.
unroot: No description entered.
root: No description entered.
landwalk: No description entered.
waterwalk: No description entered.
castspell: .castspell - Casts spell on target.
castspellne: .castspellne - Casts spell on target (only plays animations, doesnt handle effects or range/facing/etc.
celldelete: USE WITH CAUTION! '.celldelete YES' - Removes everything in current cell from game and database. '.celldelete YES YES' removes everything in a range of 1cell.
addrestxp: .addrestxp - Adds x rest XP to player.
generatename: .generatename - Generates name for pet, etc.
attackerinfo: .attackerinfo - Shows selected mob/player's attacker's infomation.
showattackers: .showattackers - Shows selected mob/player's attacker on the minimap.
aggrorange: .aggrorange - Shows aggro Range of the selected Creature.
knockback : .knockback - Knocks you back.
fade : .fade - calls ModThreatModifyer().
threatMod : .threatMod - calls ModGeneratedThreatModifyer() .
calcThreat : .calcThreat - calculates threat.
threatList : .threatList - returns all AI_Targets of the selected Creature.
gettptime: grabs transporter travel time
itempushresult: sends item push result
weather: No description entered.
setbit: No description entered.
setvalue: No description entered.
getpos: No description entered.

Battlegrounds Commands

battleground: Main BG command table. Usage: .battleground setbgscore: - Sets battleground score. 2 Arguments.
startbg: Starts current battleground match.
pausebg: Pauses current battleground match.
bginfo: Displays information about current battleground.
battleground: Shows BG Menu
setworldstate: - Var can be in hex. WS Value.
playsound: . Val can be in hex.
setbfstatus: .setbfstatus – Not Yet Implemented.
leave: Leaves the current battleground.

Extended Debug Commands

killbyplayer: Disconnects the player with name .
killbyaccount: Disconnects the session with account name .
getrate: Gets rate .
setrate: Sets rate .

GM Ticket Commands

gmTicket: Main GM ticket system command table. Usage: .gmTicket get: Gets GM Ticket
getId: Gets GM Ticket by ID
delId: Deletes GM Ticket by ID

Invincibility Command

Invisibility Command
invisible: .invisible - Toggles INVINCIBILITY and INVISIBILITY (mobs won't attack you and nobody can see you, but they can see your chat messages)

Guild Commands

createguild: No description entered.

Modify commands

modify: Main stat-modification command table. Usage: .modify hp: Health Points/HP
mana: Mana Points/MP
rage: Rage Points
energy: Energy Points
armor: Armor
holy: Holy Resistance
fire: Fire Resistance
nature: Nature Resistance
frost: Frost Resistance
shadow: Shadow Resistance
arcane: Arcane Resistance
damage: Unit Damage Min/Max
scale: Size/Scale
gold: Gold/Money/Copper
speed: Movement Speed
nativedisplayid: Native Display ID
displayid: Display ID
flags: Unit Flags:
faction: Faction Template
dynamicflags: Dynamic Flags
talentpoints: Talent Points
loyalty: Loyalty
spirit: Spirit
boundingraidus: Bounding Radius
combatreach: Combat Reach
emotestate: NPC Emote State

More Modify Commands

createaccount: .createaccount - Creates account. Format should be .createaccount username password email
playerinfo: .playerinfo - Displays informations about the selected character (account...)
mount: Mounts into modelid x.
dismount: Dismounts.
start: Teleport's you to a starting location
levelup: No description entered.
additem: No description entered.
removeitem: Removes item %u count %u.
learn: Learns spell
unlearn: Unlearns spell
learnskill: .learnskill (optional) - Learns skill id skillid.
advanceskill: advanceskill - Advances skill line x times..
removeskill: .removeskill - Removes skill
increaseweaponskill: .increaseweaponskill - Increase eqipped weapon skill x times (defaults to 1).
removeauras: Removes all auras from target
setmotd: Sets MOTD
additemset: Adds item set to inv.
gotrig: Warps to areatrigger createinstance: Creates instance on map goinstance: Joins instance exitinstance: Exits current instance, return to entry point.
dbreload: Reloads some of the database tables
spawnspiritguide: Spawns a spirit guide (params: 1 = horde, 0 = alliance)
advanceallskills: Advances all skills points.
unlockmovement: Unlocks movement for player.
modperiod: Changes period of current transporter.
npcfollow: Sets npc to follow you
follow: Sets npc to not follow anything
formationlink1: Sets formation master.
formationlink2: Sets formation slave with distance and angle
formationclear: Removes formation from creature
playall: Plays a sound to the entire server.
addipban: Bans an ip address banaccounts: Bans accounts renamechar: Renames character x to y.
forcerenamechar: Forces character x to rename his char next login
getstanding: Gets standing of faction %u.
setstanding: Sets standing of faction %u.

Cheat Commands

cheat: Main cheat command table. Usage: .cheat status: Shows active cheats.
taxi: Enables all taxi nodes.
cooldown: Enables no cooldown cheat.
casttime: Enables no cast time cheat.
power: Disables mana consumption etc.
god: Sets god mode, prevents you from taking damage.
fly: Sets fly mode
land: Unsets fly mode
explore: Reveals the unexplored parts of the map.
flyspeed: Modifies fly speed.
stack: Enables aura stacking cheat.
morph: Morphs into model id x.
demorph: Demorphs from morphed model.

Honor Modification Commands

honor: Main honor system command table. Usage: .honor getpvprank: Gets PVP Rank
setpvprank: Sets PVP Rank
addpoints: Adds x amount of honor points/currency
addkills: Adds x amount of honor kills
globaldailyupdate: Daily honor field moves
singledailyupdate: Daily honor field moves for selected player only
pvpcredit: Sends PVP credit packet, with specified rank and points

Pet Commands

pet: Main pet command table. Usage: .pet createpet: Creates a pet with .
renamepet: Renames a pet to .
enablerename: Enables pet rename.
addspell: Teaches pet .
removespell: Removes pet spell .

NPC Commands

npc: Main NPC command table. Usage: .npc vendoradditem: Adds to vendor
vendorremoveitem: Removes from vendor.
flags: Changes NPC flags
emote: emote - Sets emote state
run: No description entered.
addweapon: No description entered.
allowmove: No description entered.
addgrave: No description entered.
addspirit: No description entered.
faction: No description entered.
delete: Deletes mob from db and world.
info: Displays NPC information
guid: Shows selected object guid
addAgent: .npc addAgent delAgent: .npc delAgent listAgent: .npc listAgent
reset: resets npc health/dmg from temp table.
export: Exports the npc to a sql file
say: .npc say - Makes selected mob say text .
yell: .npc yell - Makes selected mob yell text .
come: .npc come - Makes npc move to your position
return: .npc return - Returns ncp to spawnpoint.
spawn: .npc spawn - Spawns npc of entry spawnlink: .spawnlink sqlentry
resetreputation: .resetreputation - Resets reputation to start levels. (use on characters that were made before reputation fixes.)
resetlevel: .resetlevel - Resets all stats to level 1 of targeted player. DANGEROUS.
resetspells: .resetspells - Resets all spells to starting spells of targeted player. DANGEROUS.
resettalents: .resettalents - Resets all talents of targeted player to that of their current level. DANGEROUS.
resetskills: .resetskills - Resets all skills.

GameObject Commands

gobject: Main gameobject command table. Usage: .gobject select: Selects the nearest GameObject to you
delete: Deletes selected GameObject
spawn: Spawns a GameObject by ID
info: Gives you informations about selected GO
activate: Activates/Opens the selected GO.
enable: Enables the selected GO for use.
scale: Sets scale of selected GO
animprogress: Sets anim progress
export: Exports the current GO selected
statelink: .statelink sqlentry, Links a GO state to a Npc

Information Commands

gm: Shows active GM's
gps: Shows Position
info: Server info
uptime: Shows server uptime

Teleport (Recall)Commands

recall: Main teleportation command table. Usage: .recall list: List recall locations
port: Port to recalled location
add: Add recall location
del: Remove a recall location
portplayer: recall ports player

Life and Death Commands

kill: .kill - Kills selected unit.
revive: Revives you.: 0, 0, 0},
reviveplr: Revives player specified.

Save Commands

save: Save's your character
saveall: Save's all playing characters

GM Tag Commands

fmoff: Sets GM tag off
gmon: Sets GM tag on

Universal Commands

Commands: Shows Commands
help: Shows help for command
announce: Sends Msg To All
wannounce: Sends Widescreen Msg To All

Extended Teleport Commands

appear: Teleports to x's position.
summon: Summons x to your position
worldport: No description entered.

Waypoint Commands

waypoint: waypointCommandTable
add: Add wp at current pos
show: Show wp's for creature
hide: Hide wp's for creature
delete: Delete selected wp
movehere: Move to this wp
flags: Wp flags
waittime: Wait time at this wp
emote: Emote at this wp
skin: Skin at this wp
change: Change at this wp
info: Show info for wp
movetype: Movement type at wp
generateNo description entered.Randomly generate wps
save: Save all waypoints
deleteall: Delete all waypoints

Admin Commands

security: No description entered.
servershutdown: Initiates server shutdown in seconds.
serverrestart: Initiates server restart in seconds.
castall: Makes all players online cast spell .

Comandos probados y sacados de mi Servidor WoW :icon_mrgreen: