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    08 sep, 09
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    Thumbs up MuCore 1.0.8 Full Adapted to Season X + Security

    Buenas noches IGN , tengo muchos años de no aportar nada, les traigo la MUCORE 1.0.8 con varios fix de seguridad, ya muchos saben como hacerlo pero otros no.
    Esta adaptada para el nuevo personaje Grow Lancer.

    Fue testieada en un hosting Panel Plesk Window y con files IGCN y MUEMU SEASON 10, 11, 12,

    Test en:Version PHP 5.2
    Version PHP 5.3
    Version PHP 5.4 (Cpanel)Version PHP 5.5 (Cpanel)
    Version PHP 5.6 (Cpanel)
    Hay una carpeta llamada antihack donde pueden observar todos los modulos de seguridad que he podido recopilar.
    - Como fue testeada en un hosting no todos los modulos son funcionales pero de seguro que con xampp la mayoría pueden estar activos, es sencillo agregar los modulos de seguridad si en caso los quieren agregar los que hacen falta en el index.php.
    -Template Default (Sencillo)
    - Fix login_cache dont watch.
    - Add Security AntiDDos, AntiShell, Anti-injection, Anti-bots, Anti-Exploit, Block-Proxy,etc.

    - Add New Character Grow Lancer (System Reset, Ranking, Add Point).
    - 100% working/deobfuscated/deCode PHP5.
    - Include Webzen template by default!.
    - [Fixed] [Fixed] [Lost Password] Image Verification show if reCAPTCHA™ was set.
    - [Website] "Go back" cache, now you can press go back button without to lose any filled up form data.
    - [Admin CP] Number of hours have been increased on Cron Jobs side.
    - [Webserver] CPU and RAM usage reduced by 40%.
    - [Login System] Lag free improved. No more SQL queries need.
    - [Castle Siege Module].
    - [Install Process] when you first visit the website using your exlorer by typing [Hola Invitado, necesitas registrarte para ver los links , Has click aquí para registrarte !!] or [Hola Invitado, necesitas registrarte para ver los links , Has click aquí para registrarte !!] the first time run will redirect you to the installation process.
    - [Class Compatibility] added compatibility with Rage Fighter and Fist Master, you can edit without any restriction in your admin panel and its displayed in rankings.
    - [Event Log] We created 2 new small modules called admin logger and user logger which allows you to keep a registry of the actions performed on our website (user side) and in admin panel it keeps a record of who access that area and what actions they perform and from which IP it comes, this is a security measure implemented in order to check if admins abuse their powers. All logs get stored under a protected folder.
    - [Integration] Webshop added to the installation part. Once it's done, you will be able to see the store immediately without an issue. Also, the Webshop database has been fixed so new items will not present a problem.
    - [Organization] rearranged the navigation bar for a better use of the modules.

    Link: [Hola Invitado, necesitas registrarte para ver los links , Has click aquí para registrarte !!]

    Contraseña del rar y de la descarga:

    MaryJo, Trong
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