This is a Latin American project, but we would love for anyone from anywhere in the world to enjoy our server.
Servidor 4.3.4 - Instant Blizzlike

Nivel (Level) 85 + Oro (Gold) 20k
Set PvP: Implacable - Ruthless
Set PvE: Tier 12
Monturas - Mounts
Encantamientos (Enchantments) Gemas (Gems)
Todos los glifos y todas las habilidades aprendidas - All glyphs and all skills learned
Vendedores en Orgrimmar y Ventormenta - Vendors in Orgrimmar and Stormwind

PvE Boss in All Battlegrounds

This custom boss in battlegrounds You give 25 halaa coins you can change by offset pvp and pve

Este Boss Custom en los campos de batalla te regala 25 monedas de halaa que puedes cambiar por offset pvp y pve

You need first to take the quest in your main city for reclaim your coins
Primero necesitas tomar una quest en tu ciudad principal para reclamar tu moneda halaa.

Tabards with Visual Auras - Tabardos con Auras Visuales

You can get a Tabards for free and donate

Enjoy for free!

Website: [Hola Invitado, necesitas registrarte para ver los links , Has click aquí para registrarte !!]
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